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9500 Series Flex Frame Planter

This Isn’t Horseshoes Or Hand Grenades

On-The-Go-Seeding Rate Control. The 9500 Series Central Fill System (CFS) incorporates time proven design concepts and the 9500 flex frame planters to provide an onboard bulk seed hopper and seed distribution system. The 9500 CFS system allows for more time planting, rather than refilling individual hoppers. The 9500 CFS is designed for planting corn, soybeans, milo, popcorn, and wheat.

The 9500 Series offers a full line of frame and row spacing options that let you tackle a wide range of planting applications. Available row widths of 15" (38 cm), 20" (51 cm), 22" (56 cm), and 30" (76 cm) on main frames that range from 30' - to -45’ (9.1-18.2 m), the 9500 Series is ideally suited to planting a variety of crops that include corn, soybeans, and sugar beets. When you’re ready to switch from 15" (38 cm) soybeans to 30" (76 cm) corn, simply lock up the split rows and quickly change the seed discs. With White Planters, changing from one crop to another is quick and simple.

White Planters 9500 Series Flex Frame Planter
Transport Width
ft (m)
Frame Size
in (mm)
Tires Marker Arms
12-Row 30"   7x7 (178x178) 9.5L-15, 12-Ply  
16-Row 30"   7x7 (178x178) 9.5L-15, 12-Ply Trifold
23-Row 15" 16'8" (5.08) 7x7 (178x178) 9.5L-15, 12-Ply Flat Fold Breakaway
24-Row 20" 16'3" (4.95) 7x7 (178x178) 9.5L-15, 12-Ply Trifold
24-Row 22" 15'8" (4.78) 7x7 (178x178) 9.5L-15, 12-Ply Trifold
31-Row 15" 16'8" (5.08) 7x7 (178x178) 9.5L-15, 12-Ply Trifold

Adjust Population On The Go

Every 9500 Series model features variable-rate technology as standard equipment using an ISOBUS compliant terminal.

As you incorporate AGCO technology solutions into your farming operation, the ISO planter is upgradeable to include advanced site-specific planting capabilities.

One Planter. Many Applications.

The 9500 excels at conventional, min-till, and no-till farming practices. The unit is designed to accept a wide variety of row-unit-mounted tillage attachments.

9500 Frame Fold

The forward fold frame design features hydraulically controlled folding of the planter frame from field to transport in a matter of seconds.

A small volume (1/8 bushel, 4404.8 cm3) of seed is maintained at each meter and replenished automatically assuring accurate seed metering. (applies to all CFS models)


Options and Attachments Chart

Options and Attachments ChartClick here to view a compatibility chart
for all White Planters 9000 Series
options and attachments.

Row Unit Attachments

Angled Rubber Closing Wheels
Angled Cast Closing Wheels
Single “V” Trench Press Wheel (4”)
Standard Duty Down Pressure Springs
Heavy Duty Down Pressure Springs

Row Unit Mounted Tillage

Tillage Coulters
Residue Managers (30”-40” Row Spacing)
Tillage coulter/Residue Manager Combo (30”-40” Rows)
Trash Masters (30”-40” Row Spacing)
Bed Leveler (30”-40” Row Spacing)

Other Options/Attachments

Heavy Duty Flat Fold Row Markers - Standard
Hydraulic Variable Rate Seed Drive - Standard
Hydraulic PTO Pump